A Pivot for Two Plus Media

The ability to react and adapt is often the difference between success and failure.

The point at which you must make a decision to change and move in a different direction is called a pivot point.

What often separates organizations that succeed from those that don’t the the ability to recognize a pivot point and execute the pivot.  Changing direction can often mean going from a path of frustration to a path of growth and success.

Welcome to the first pivot of Two Plus Media.

You might have noticed that the logo has changed.  This is just a visible representation of the change in direction.

When Two Plus Media launched, my vision for it was very broad.  Probably too broad.  Events of the early life of Two Plus Media have brought my vision into focus.

Two Plus Media was launched to help churches, ministries, and Christian creatives succeed by taking advantage of the intersection of faith, technology, culture and communication.  By the grace of God, I have already been able to help people.

Through those people, God has been telling me to pivot in a specific direction.  Namely, Two Plus Media will now be focused on the Christian music industry.  Even more specifically, we’re going to focus on Christian hip-hop and R&B.

God has already blessed me with meaningful relationships in this area.  I’ve been working with theBREAX, and the newly-launched Late Bloom Productions, on their projects.  It has been a ton of fun, and the results have been great (I’ll be sharing more about that in the future).

So, the content and focus here on TwoPlusMedia.com will be pivoting in that direction– towards the music industry and Christian hip-hop and R&B.  That’s not to say I’ll be ignoring the potential of media and communications for churches and ministries (music is, after all, a ministry of its own), it just means that I’ll have a more specific focus.

There will also be a few other little changes.  Most noteworthy is that if you want to follow the happenings of Two Plus Media on twitter, you’ll want to follow me on @drothamel.  I’m not going to be using the @twoplusmedia account anymore.  There really isn’t a need for me to have two twitter accounts.

If this focus doesn’t interest you, and you want to move on, that’s cool with me.  I hope you’ll maybe find your way back here, one way or another.

If you want to see what exciting things God has planned for the future of Christian hip-hop and R&B, then stick around.  It’s going to get interesting. . .


post photo via Phillie Casablanca


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