On Joining the Gospel Music Association and the National Association of Record Industry Professionals

gospel music association national association of record industry professionalsBeing a professional means that you must have a commitment to sustained excellence and continual improvement.  No matter how long you’ve been doing something, or what stage your career is in, the learning and improvement never stops.

Pursuing excellence and growth means that you are going to need some support.  One of the best places to get professional support is through trade organizations and associations.  As a real estate professional, I discovered the importance of the National Association of REALTORS first-hand, and was blessed to have been able to serve that organization at a high level.

It is because of my experience with trade organizations and my commitment to serving my clients as professionally and expertly as possible, that I am proud to announce that I have joined both the Gospel Music Association (GMA) and the National Association of Record Industry Professionals (NARIP).

Why Join?

In order to give my clients the best possible service, I am steadfastly committed to learning and improving at every chance I get.  I’m also committed to supporting my clients and their careers as artists and producers in the music industry.

Membership in both of these organizations enables me to fulfill those commitments.  The GMA and the NARIP provide opportunities for education, development, and support for my career and those of my clients.  Both organizations also provide tremendous opportunity for networking and establishing meaningful relationships with other professionals.

Membership in the GMA and the NARIP is just an expression of the commitment that that Two Plus Media has to our own development and the development and success of the careers of our clients.

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